Monday, February 6, 2012

Occupy insists on removing obstacles of Freedom and Liberty

It looks as though the non-oath keepers whom are a threat to freedom and liberty, and uphold tyranny and oppression will be listed and targeted. I can read between the lines in current events and can see that many thousands of public and or civil servants may be targeted for elimination, as they are infringing upon personal rights and freedoms just because they can, and are abusing their authority as a just and well regulated militia of for the people of the United States.  It's really sad that these many police officers have to make it bad for the rest, and should be weeded out before all hell breaks out in the streets.

This is a sad day and time in America, as the Oakland "occupy" movement has become violent, and has to show force to get their message across as to their revolution. They were nieve into thinking the 21st century N.W.O. media would allow them to succeed! 

The industrial and inventive era's have climaxed in society and has reached a peak, and I can only feel that harder times are falling upon North America.
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Tuesday, November 30, 2010


It is nice to see the USA government get caught in it's corruptions worldwide, and exposed by  which whom uses the freedom of the press for truth and transparency for open government, which is highly endorsed by the Obama administration and for their new policy of an open and transparent government for accountability and oversight! But, unfortunately hindsight takes precedent after the fact.
It looks like Hillary Clinton has got caught in one of her own games and got caught by surprise.
The USA government works for "the people" ,and the right to a free press secures us, as a watchdog for corruptions and misuse of the departments within our government. Independent sources of information is critical to real and accurate information, that you can't get from the lying and paid off mainstream media press who protects the expansion of bigger government within the parameters of tyranny and not freedom and liberty of it's citizens. The special interests and lobbyists need abolishing, and there should only be little and necessary government and not a huge beurocrisy.
It looks like it's time for some accountability for the one's whom are selling out America the republic whom should be described as a democracy of and by "THE PEOPLE".
When we have more soldiers committing suicide, than ones being killed in battle, that should tell you something about the instability of our nation, and that the fear and terror agenda created by the CIA, and the most recent administrations is clearly another big government bully agenda to try and convince Americans to give up their privacy and rights to security measures by our government who is only doing it to further their control techniques, and to start the global one world order. DON'T FALL FOR THE LIES ANYMORE!
Go to the links I have provided for you in my page and read it for your self.... TRUST BUT ALWAYS VERIFY!!

Friday, November 5, 2010

"America, the greatest democracy for sale"

If this multi-party divisional form of government is upsetting and confusuing to you then, I will give you these resources to check for yourself what is really occuring within the "GLOBAL" agenda.

1.   Real facts about the global supression and control agendas

2.   Multi-resources for secret and de-classified information

3.   The truth behind 911 and the global fear and terror created by the CIA.

4.   collapse of Lehman Bros. video.

5.   truth and transparency of open government the main media can't supress!


George Soros, The bilderbirgers, the Rockafellers, and six national banks are selling out the greatest democracy republic on EARTH! THis is not meant to be a socialist nation with government controlling all aspects of "the peoples" life. All it will take is for CA,NY,NJ,IL to collapse economically and it will collapse the whole american system. Bailouts come with strings attached with mandates. Our country has a cancer that is eating away at our state and personal sovereinty. Joe Lieberman and Hillary Clinton have an agenda to collapse the public internet with cyber security as they use the fear and terror agenda to infringe upon our personal freedoms and liberties for security. That is not what our current and past veterans have died for!

 And, those banks and unions are getting the 600 billion dollar second bailout which will eventually filter into the stock market to make it look like the economy is BOOMING, but it will be a deception, to take control of the federal reserve, and control the economy, with NO intention of lending that money to the private sector to build business and growth. The first stimulous went to the insurance companies, speacial interests, and to three Israel banks.  The American people are deceived by the payed off media. If you want real truth it can be found on (am) talk radio and within the links I have provided below.
Here is the what the pledge of allegience is now: " I pledge allegience to the flag of the divided states of America, and to the democratic republic that has now fallen, one nation under many god's, with freedoms and liberties slowly taken away each day"